There are many projects available for volunteers.  

Volunteers are the heart of our organization. Several have been with the Society for many years.  For some, volunteering for the Society is a passion.  There are others who work on projects, quietly in the background, doing perhaps less glamorous chores like sorting out bulging files, transcribing old journals or meeting minutes, or clipping newspaper articles. You, too, are invited to be a part of this important team.  Remember to bring a friend! We are always thankful for new volunteers -- no experience needed.

  • On the front line are our Greeters. As a museum guide, you are our first contact with visitors, researchers and new members.  You will be trained -- you need not be a Stowe "historian" to be a greeter.
  • For those who enjoy the quest for learning, Research is needed for answering inquiries, as well as to help develop exhibits, programs or printed materials.  
  • Self-directed projects are also available and come with support.  The range of such projects is wide -- contact us if you have a couple of hours or want to spend more time on a regular basis, or anything in-between.  An example of a self-directed project would be to inventory our collection of Vermont Life magazines.  Another is cutting articles from past Stowe Reporters in preparation for scanning. Or, do you have another historical project that you'd like to suggest?
  • For those with some Computer skills, options abound, depending on your skill level, interest and time.  Please contact us.
  • Do you enjoy Marketing or Publicity?  Each of our programs requires publicity that needs coordination. The person helping with publicity would be working with other volunteers who are currently involved with other aspects of marketing.
  • Are you Creative?  Everything we do to share our artifacts and history with the public begins with having a creative idea.  What is yours?

This is certainly not the entire gammut of what can be done with the Historical Society. We have fun working together and get lots of satisfaction for whatever we do, whether it is behind the scenes or in the public eye.  Come to see how you can contribute.