Stowe Speaks

The Stowe Historical Society has partnered with Fourfold Legacy Services to bring you Stowe Speaks, an oral history project dedicated to preserving the story of our past from those who lived it.....right here in Stowe, Vermont.

To date, over 35 interviews have been completed.  Our list of "interviews yet to be done" is a long and ever-growing one!  Below are the names for the completed interviews.  Click on a name to see a list of the track titles, which will tell you what topics are on each CD.  The list will show up in a separate window.  If you are interested in listening to a CD, please contact the Historical Society by calling 802-253-1518 or email us.

Click here to purchase an interview.   The cost is $15/CD (some interviews are 2 CDs, thus $30).  Shipping costs, if any, will be added to the total cost.  

Clem Curtis - deceased

Armin Frank - deceased

Mike Adams - deceased

Paul DeCelle - deceased 

Gordon Lowe - deceased

Bill & Marianne Goodson

Leigh Tabor - deceased

Jim Leahy - deceased

Harriet Durett - deceased

Rosemary Smenner - deceased

Frank & Marion Kellogg- Marion​ deceased