Bloody Brook School - District 11

The Wade School, now known as the Bloody Brook Schoolhouse, was established 1828 near the intersection of Weeks Hill Road and Cape Cod Road on the northwest corner. This was one of the district schools that was closed and re-opened several times before it closed permanently.  In 1909 it was moved “cross lots” and up the Tin Shop Hill to rest next to the District 6 graded school to accommodate the growing population of graded school children in the district 6 Village school. Known as the Annex, it first accommodated grades 1-3, and later was home to a variety of classes including Home Economy, Music, Kindergarten (briefly) and Study Hall until 1973 when the new Middle/ High School was built on Barrows Road. In recognition of the US Bicentennial in 1976, the building was renovated to show as a circa 1900 one-room schoolhouse.  Located between the Village School - District 6 (now the Helen Day Art Center and Stowe Library) and the West Branch Schoolhouse (now the headquarters and museum of the Stowe Historical Society), it is now maintained by the Stowe Historical Society and open to the public during the summer months.