The Stowe Historical Society is located in historic Stowe, Vermont -- situated on the Waterbury River between Mt. Mansfield on the west and the Worcesters on the east.  It boasts one of the better alluvial plains in northern Vermont.  Chartered in 1763 and settled in 1794 by Oliver Luce and family, it has supported forest industries, sheep and dairy farming, recreation including some of the earliest Alpine skiing in Vermont and lodging from its earliest days to the present.

In 1955 members of some of the oldest families in Stowe and other townspeople came together to record and preserve the past, for the sake of the future.  Motivating them was the fear that if they did not act, Stowe's rich historical legacy would be lost to future generations.  The town was changing, people were arriving from other places to open lodges, shops and work in the developing alpine ski business on Mount Mansfield and Spruce Peak.  The Stowe Historical Society was founded with the help of the Vermont Historical Society.  Today it is one of the state's largest not-profit repository of books, letters, journals, maps, drawings, and photographs about Stowe, Vermont and Vermont history.  The collection contains artifacts brought home from the Civil War and other military involvements, farm implements, domestic items, textiles and more -- items that shed light on life in Stowe from the early 19th century to recent times.  The Society was chartered in 1956.

Following the Annual Meeting in August 2014, the new slate of officers is:

Barbara Baraw, President 

Chuck Dudley, V. President 

Wendy Parrish, Secretary 
Jon Hanson, Treasurer

Lynn Baumrind, Director 

Liz Kellogg, Director

Tom & Rudi Hamilton, Director

Nina Berlin, Director​

Patricia Haslam, Genealogist

L. Sonny Davis, Director Emeritus​

Who We Are

PO Box 730

Stowe, VT 05672​

We are a completely volunteer organization!

Several have been with the Society for many years.  For some, volunteering for the Society is a passion.  We are pleased to have on board dedicated volunteers -- Jan Hudgens and Jan Ebel are our two newest volunteers.  

Often Jan Griffiths worked alongside Chuck, as she, too, embarked on a research project about the lineage of lodging establishments in Stowe, an invaluable asset to our archives.    The technology supporting this research will make your inquiries much easier to answer, and maybe get you even MORE interested in the history.

We are also very fortunate to have Alice Dana Spencer helping to coordinate our efforts with Stowe Speaks, a project to capture as many oral histories as we can arrange, keeping their stories on CD for others to enjoy and from which to learn about our ever-changing town.  She has brought with her a team of new volunteers to assist with the interviews. 

There are others who work on projects, quietly in the background, doing perhaps less glamorous chores like sorting out bulging files, transcribing old journals or meeting minutes, or clipping newspaper articles.  You, too, are invited to be a part of this important team.  Remember to bring a friend!